GENERAL PUBLIC: 78/100 places available.
RESEARCHERS: 123/150 places available.

The next symposium will have two types of attendees. On one hand, you can attend as a listener, for which we have reserved 100 places. Anyone can sign up as listener, being able to sign up even on site. In case you want to attend as a researcher, we have reserved 150 places, and you must register before 3rd January 2022. We will ask you to send us information about the presentations you want to contribute to the event at the same registration form. The presentations format can be as poster (unlimited amount, including educational programs), or oral (up to 3 per participant). All poster abstracts will be accepted, and at least one of the oral ones you present. In case of presenting several orals, the scientific committee will proceed to evaluate them, adapting them to the availability of time per room, and they will be presented throughout the event. The presentations must be related to killer whales, their preferent prey, social behaviors, acoustics, conservation measures, environmental matters, educational programs, etc.

Three time frames of registrations have been established. They do not make distinctions in fees for students, researchers etc. If you want to participate as a researcher, the registration must be done before the 3rd January 2022 (Remember that your posters and almost one oral presentation will be accepted).

If you want to register either as a researcher either as general public, please fill the following form. The abstracts must be sent prior the 3rd January 2022.

Registration form:

Abstract form:

  • Super early registration (before the 15th Novembre 2021): € 45
  • Early registration (before the 3 January 2022): € 60
  • Late registration (Before the 28 February 2022): € 150
  • Onsite registration: € 300

If you already send your inscription and payment, you can ask for the fee back, completing this form, or keep it like it is. In this form you can request the return of the registrations made for the international orca congress. Due to problems in the return we have taken a while for you, but everything is solved. We propose two options. Either we return your tickets or you keep your ticket for the congress, which has been postponed to March 2022. The 2022 event is already confirmed (which was one of the things we wanted to confirm), and we are sure that they will be far enough away from the 2020 to avoid bad luck. In case you can’t come in 2022, don’t worry as we can return your ticket at any time. If you want to keep the registration for the moment and cancel it later, don’t worry, this form can be filled in whenever you want. We will make the returns every 20th of the month.